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Our goal is to make Carbohydrate Guide the best possible resource for health conscious people. We want to give you practical advice on how to identify good and bad carbs. To that end, you’ll find various articles on how carbohydrates, fats, and sugars impact everything from energy levels to brain chemistry.

Our most important articles:

Thermogenic foods A list of foods known to raise your metabolism and burn body fat.

Metabolic U-Turn Shift From A Sugar Burner To A Fat Burner Here is a plan to change how your access sugars and fats.

Fat Burning Foods Foods that help you lose weight.

Kicking Carb Cravings What is a carb craving and how to break it.

Depression – Foods That Help Food directly impacts brain chemicals. Eating the right food can help battle depression.

Nutrients That Reduce Stress Stress places huge demands on our bodies, most of which is negative. Learn about the foods that can help reduce the effects of stress.

Our most popular articles:

Does fat make you fat? This is a REALLY important question to answer.

How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day? This question is on everyones mind.

Foods That Trigger Arthritis Pain For arthritis suffers it’s important to know which foods cause problems.

Carb Sensitivity Quiz 9 questions that will reveal if you have carb sensitivity.


Eating the RIGHT Carbs Can Make ALL The Difference